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We're on a mission!

Hemisphere Technologies is green tech company dedicated to transforming industrial hemp - one of the world's most sustainable, healthy and undervalued super crops - into a viable and sustainable resource for a range of industries.


Through our innovative processes, we are able to create products that are high-quality and cost-effective. We believe in the power of hemp and its potential to revolutionize the way we grow, produce and consume. As pioneers in the hemp industry, we are committed to providing our customers with eco-friendly, innovative and sustainable solutions - always with the long lasting goal of creating a better future for the planet and all its inhabitants. Let's go!

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The Backbone

Hemisphere is the foundation and backbone that develops and capitalizes on the various fractions of industrial hemp primarily through B2B but also through own brands, like Boom Food, to create proof of concept, attention and market demand.

The Boom Brand

Check out our first brand Boom Food. The goal is to supply premium hemp-based products for a new generation of curious & aware people with high demands on taste, brand and sustainability. We strive towards always pushing the boundaries of improved nutrition, innovation and design. 

Industrial hemp - nature's own super crop

A most pressing challenge

One of today’s greatest challenges is that food production and consumption harms the climate and people's health at the same time as the need for food production increases. We lack crops with multiple areas of use that create a circular economy in a circular ecosystem.

Recreate and rejuvenate

Our solution is to recreate and rejuvenate a previously thriving industry and Swedish national crop. By growing and processing hemp on a large scale, we can from the same crop produce nutritious food, healthy drinks, healthy food supplements, beneficial skin care products, bioenergy and even building materials for our homes. Circular and climate-positive products for both people and animals.

It's all about timing

Before hemp was banned in 1963, it was a thriving industry in Sweden. Since 2003 it has again been completely legal but forgotten. It is only in recent years that the need for plant protein and dietary supplements from environmentally friendly, useful and versatile crops has become apparent. The market has never been more ready to once again make use of a valuable crop that has been cultivated in Sweden since the Iron Age.


A planet positive alternative to meat, crafted from hemp plants that heal our lands and absorbs CO2.

Nature's greatest carbon catcher

Studies show that the crop grown after hemp has a production increase of between 10-20% thanks to hemp’s fantastic ability to transport carbon into the soil. 

Industrial hemp has been scientifically proven to absorb more CO2 per hectare than any forest or commercial crop and is therefore the ideal carbon sink. Hemp grown for seed products can absorb 9,8 tonnes per hectare and up to 15 tonnes when grown for fibre. Hemp's rapid growth also makes it one of the fastest CO2-to-biomass conversion tools available, more efficient than agro-forestry.

​Why hemp?
Farm animals are producing more greenhouse gases every year than all of the cars put together. Therefore different types of plant-based protein is essential in the war on climate change.  


Hemp absorbs massive amounts of CO2

Hemp grows fast - harvests after 4 month

Requires zero pesticides 

No extra watering

Great for crop rotation

No known natural enemies


Zero allergiens
Packed with protein - 33g/100g
Complete protein containing all amino acids
Rich in omega 3,6 & 9 in ideal balance

Versatile & Valuable

Seeds - snacks, in salads & smoothies

Protein - foods, drinks & supplement

Oil - food, health, beauty

Shell - fiber supplement, animal feed

Biomass - biochar, insulation

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Let's talk

Hans Karlstrand

+46 72 708 00 15

Erik Rune

+46 70 713 03 39

Hemisphere Technologies AB

Myrvägen 6, 181 42 Lidingö, Sweden

VAT: SE559319439101

We Are Hemisphere

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